Why Windows 10 is the best compared to other windows

Why Windows 10 is the best compared to other windows

Technology has made it possible for windows improvement making sure that you embrace changes, by becoming well conversant with the upgraded features. Windows system operates by allowing communication between the supplication hardware and the hardware found in the computer. In that case, Windows 10 is no exception. This is the latest upgraded windows version revised to depict features that the earlier existing windows didn’t have and to improve on the features found in the existing windows, making it essential for learning purposes. Windows 10 is yet to be released, possibly in July 29 this year. Given your quest for advanced computer knowledge, check out Windows 10 Insider Preview for Windows 10 for learning and you’ll be surprised. The following are the reasons why you should consider windows 10 forlearning:


Quick and automatic updates

This windows allows you to install updates in your computer as they avail themselves. Another thing is that, you will have an option either to go for slow or fast update cadence since the software updating themselves automatically can never be turned off, evident in the Insider Preview. To achieve this, all you need to do is: open the settings in the PC, then click on Upgrade and recovery and finally click on change the time my PC installs preview builds.

The use of automatic updates is also beneficial in such a way that, it enables you view and examine improved and new features instantly.


Highly advanced features

The effectiveness of windows 10 has been enhanced with the availability of some new and well improved features. Among the other important features, a good example is Cortana. This is an important feature in Window 10, designed to perform the following: provide news updates just when released, provide information on dietary and recipes, enhance effective methods of traveling by flight monitoring ,answers queries that have been searched and enhance proper message delivery via emails, among other functions.


Improved security

With Windows 10, security is guaranteed by the advanced security technology that will ensure file containerization, app signing and two-factor authentication. Many computer hacking cases are evident worldwide, and two-factor authentication is designed to help contain this problem if not reduce.


Adaptability of device

Automatic adaptability is influenced by continuum which is a new feature in windows 10. This will enable you to switch easily from desk top mode to tablet mode and vice versa when using windows 10 in either tablet or desktop.


Snapping together more running apps is all possible in this windows. It helps create a perfect view that puts all these apps together on either a surface tab or large monitor.


Enhanced multitasking

Snapping together of running apps all together on a surface tab or large monitor enhances multitasking. The existing task view found in the task bar button also encourages multitasking.


Having read this article, you’ll get every information for windows 10 for learning thereby giving you an option concerning the type of windows system you will need to install. As from October 1st this year; you will be able to access and install windows 10 in your machine. This windows is open for reviews from prospect customers and improvement suggestions where necessary.

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