Why is NodeJS the Ideal Framework for Enterprise App Development?

For a convincing digital footprint, having a user-focused web app is a must for any enterprise, and for building a great web app, it is essential to use a robust, swift, and versatile technology. For the past few years, NodeJS has emerged as the leading technology that most enterprises prefer for web and mobile app development.

Before we explain the increasing popularity of NodeJS for building enterprise apps, let us understand the definition and basic concept of NodeJS.

What exactly is Node.js?

NodeJS, as the name implies, is a JavaScript framework. This is an open-source, cross-platform framework that allows executing JavaScript code outside of the browser while building a web app. This comes as a unique framework that helps server-side scripting and sending the dynamic web page to the browser. This makes it a comprehensive language for both server and client-side scripting. This is why it is so popular with all those dynamic enterprise apps preferring to incorporate real-time interactive capabilities.

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