why is my hp laptop not turning on?

If your hp laptop not turning on, that does not surely mean there is any wrong with the laptop itself. There are some attached device or Softwares between conflicts on your laptop. Or the devices you have got accessory to your PC, and there are fairly simple to settle with what is called a power reset or “hard restart”.

Fix Conflict

Your PC is not a single device. It haves hundreds of parts of applications and hardware to add up to one working, operative computer, and all of those rags have to play well together. If you have ever listed heard the first day of practice for an orchestra or took a share in the first day of participation for a team sport, you will know that does not happen lightly. With the laptop, it ordinarily means that more than one device or two assemble of application are trying to use the common resource at the same time. This means your laptop freezes and will not reply to the keyword, or it can mean your computer will not boot. To make difficult things just a small more, most recent computers try to remain a “snapshot” of what you are running on, so you will not lose your thing if you lose power. When the time you boot, it can bring you right back to the same issue. The reply is to clear the computer’s memory.

Whether You Have a Removable Battery

To clean the computer’s memory, you have to take away the start of electricity that let it keep things in RAM. Next, turn off your laptop if you can. If it is completely fixed, do not worry about it. Next, you do unplug the power cable from your device, then close the lid. If you have a printer, a dock, a monitor or anything else connected to the computer, unplug them. Turn on your computer over, and see for the battery’s lock. On a few models, they will be in the look of looks that slide to the side, and on others, they will be easy clips that you nip to release. Remove the battery, then flip the laptop right-side up and open the cover so you have entered to the Power button. Press and hold the button for about 15 sec. This clears the capacitors on the devices main board that acts as a kind of support to your battery. Once there are drained, anything in your RAM or ROM is elated away and your device will be able to do clear boot.

Whether You do not have a Removable Battery

why will my hp laptop not turn on?

Few HP Computer does not have a battery you can remove. If your computer falls into the category, do not worry: you can again try to reset. Next, try to the same way, bu shutting down your laptop if you can and then removing any outer devices you have got accessory to it. Next Press and hold the power button for 15 sec, and release it.

Take Starting Back Up

Next way is to turn the laptop back on, but do not connect any other accessories. If your hp laptop will not turn on because of friction with one of your external device, reconnect it just means you are going to have the same issue. Alternately, turn on the computer without any extra parts attached. Your laptop may Start up simply, or it might give you a startup menu and inquire if you want to boot in Safe Mode. Select Start Windows Normally, and press the Enter key. Your Device should finish booting simply. Once it is running, then you can start adding your devices one at a time.

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