What is augmented reality? Advantages & Disadvantages

Augmented reality provides an experience of the real world where objects were created through a special programming language. Real-world and augmented reality has no difference once you wear smart AR glasses you can’t differentiate between reality and augmented reality. Lots of mobile games that are based on augmented reality that allows the user to see the whole world around him can be seen through the mobile phone and the best example of it is a pokemon go.

The idea behind leveraging augmented reality is that overlaying graphics, audio, and other sensory enhancements. There are a number of augmented reality tools that are needed to use to experience augmented reality like augmented reality glasses. There lots of benefits of augmented reality that business owners and users are getting like a visual representation of the product. Trying cloth, accessories without wearing it physically. A number of companies using it for different purposes like emerging AR/VR in recruitment, Synchronizing production machines with AR, Inventory management with AR. 




  • AR in education industry makes easy for a student to understand things 
  • Visual Representation of information helps in understanding info properly
  • Can be used in training programs
  • Can increase sales and consumer engagement





  • Very expensive and need large amount of money and time to implement 
  • It might be inappropriate to use in some situation
  • Less secure when it comes to privacy
  • Some cases suggest that it can be addictive



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