Essential Tips to Prepare for Your Custom Home Building Project

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Having a home built from the ground up is an exciting process. Yet it can also be equally frustrating. But doing your homework and preparing for a project of this size will help keep your sanity intact when your home build begins.

  • Create a Realistic Schedule

Make sure you leave enough time in your schedule for the home build. Also, try not to plan any trips or family vacations during this time, as you’ll want to be close to home if questions or issues come up. The time frame a contractor gives you is still only a rough estimate for the completion of a project, so it’s best to always allow for a window in your calendar twice as long as the estimated completion time so you’ll be prepared for any mishaps that might prolong the process.

  • Adjust Your Budget

Sometimes a new home build can cost more than the originally agreed upon price in the contract. This cost can be attributed to hidden problems or small issues caused by a variety of things, including zoning issues or the land the home is to be built on. Don’t be caught off guard by these problems that could become costly. Instead, have a safety cushion of money outside of the building costs to ensure you can afford the project. To be safe, budget for expenses to cost roughly ten to twenty percent more than the estimated cost of the home build.

  • Look Into Storage

If you will move out of your current home while your dream home is being built, you’re going to need a place to store the things you currently have. Renting outside storage is a great option. The unit size you’ll need depends on how much you need to store. When putting items in storage, be sure to clearly label everything. Lengthy home builds may mean you need to access items in storage and knowing what is in your boxes will lessen any confusion as to what is stored in them.  As mentioned above, storage rental is a prime example of the additional expenses people may not consider when budgeting for a home renovation. Remember to budget for storage, and you’ll be set for success!

  • Create A Safe Haven

If you’re customizing and adding on to your existing home, it’s important to find a space you and your family can stay. Ideally, it should be a friend or family members home or even a long-term rental.

Having a home custom built doesn’t have to be a headache. Make the best out of a stressful home build by preparing early with these tips. For more information, contact Triumph Building Group, custom home builders in Bucks County.


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