Taxi Apps You Should Have When In Barcelona

Apart from being known as the hub of football enthusiasts, Barcelona is also hailed as an extremely intriguing tourist destination. 

Here’s presenting you with an intrinsic view of the tourism sector in the region. 

Introducing You to the Flourishing Tourism Sector in Barcelona

The city of Barcelona has an extremely booming as well as flourishing tourism sector and it witnesses close to seven million tourists visiting it. 

If figures are to be believed, the economic value contributed by the sector is close to around 22 million euros per day. 

So, how do tourists travel there?

Now, if any tourist or traveler is visiting a new region they of course wouldn’t be familiar with the region which in turn goes on to suggest that they’d be depending upon ridesharing apps to travel to and fro from one place to the other. 

So, if you are in Barcelona or planning to visit the region anytime soon, make sure to have these apps present in your smartphone or iPhone device today. These will certainly promise to help you in commuting when in the region with utmost convenience as well as swiftness. 

Popular Ridesharing Apps in Barcelona


Helping you commute with swiftness when in the region, giving you details related to traffic, etc Transit is an app that you should download and have in your smartphone or iPhone when visiting the region so as to say. 


Popularly called the Uber of Barcelona, this ridesharing app will help you connect to reliable drivers who in turn will go on to support you in travelling from one place to another with convenience, safety, and transparency when you are in the region. 

Bicing App

If you are an environmentalist, then the Bicing app is what you should probably download today. With this app you can avail of bicycle rides to commute distances when you visit Barcelona so as to explore the local beauties of the region. 

AMB Taxi Barcelona

This is another taxi booking app you can download when you are visiting Barcelona. With this app, you can be promised rides that are available at extremely affordable prices keeping your safety maintained to the best level possible. 


If you are someone who loves meeting new people when on a trip then the TMB App is what you should download when you visit Barcelona. With this app, you can locate public transport mediums which in turn will help you explore the culture in the best possible manner so as to say and also socialize with a large number of people. 

Apart from these apps listed above make sure to also have apps such as Lyft, leCab, Gett, etc, to name a few when you visit the region. These in turn will help you in commuting from one place to another with convenience and safety. 

So, in short, these are some popular and some of the best taxi booking apps that people use in Barcelona and are the most recommended for travelers as well when visiting the region.

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