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SEO Plugin by Squirrly 13



SEO Plugin by SQUIRRLY WordPress SEO Plugin helps you write content that’s both Google Friendly and Human friendly. Excellent ballance between what search engine bots look for in your content and what Human readers crave for.

  • Gives You SEO Advice as you’re typing your articles
  • Optimized articles get +285% traffic
  • Finds you Keywords and Topics that your Customers actively search for
  • The algorithm for Keyword analysis
  • Tracks all the aspects of your Content Marketing Strategy
  • Send the Audit report by email
  • It Gives You Professional Advice on How To Fix
  • Monitors Your Progress, week by week
  • Analyze any single article. See how it improves over time
  • Optimize Your Content for Humans
  • Stay up to date with your SEO and Social Signals, with our Email Alerts
  • Free Images that You Can Use.
  • Headline Suggestions based on your SEO keyword.
  • Social Intelligence through the Inspiration Box, to help you write better content, by showing you recent tweets about your subject, how other journalists and bloggers have approached your topic

All of the above Features available in your “Add New Post” interface.

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