SEO IN 2014

Modern ERA Search Engines makes SEO in 2014 tougher for all. Even for the newer and older it’s too tough to find out the tricks in the Search Engine Optimization. Older techniques are not going to work anymore. Black hat SEO not going to work anymore. Let’s see briefly what the changes are done in 2014.

Latest Changes in SEO

Google is the most popular Search Engines over the world and it’s already discovering more people in all around the world. So we are going to see only about 2014 changes in SEO Google View.

Latest updates with Panda, Penguin, and the Very New Humming Bird. The Last one is the newly integrated algorithm by Google. It’s the only part getting mad about SEO because the reason is Keywords.

New Algorithm impacts in SEO



Humming Bird Effects are completely changing the SEO as new and high level. And it definitely reserves complete quality. When we searched for “swimming class” in the Google first result is highlighting the word swimming lessons. It doesn’t have the class on it.

So this is completely a big change in Search Engine. The Artificial Intelligence of the Search Engines got very high level. It can handle the query key phrases as meaning full synonyms and related words like the above Example.

So the content publishers must concentrate about this then only can claim better spot in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). No more Keyword Stuffing going to help. It will give you penalty that means getting to Last in the SERP. Even Link Building is harder with this new Updates.

Things need to concentrate about SEO in 2014

Points we need to keep in our mind to get Good in SEO. That are,

  • Always the first Create Fresh and Unique Content
  • Make Quality better than Quantity that makes your visitors happy.
  • Also concentrate little bit about Quantity it must need to reach minimum requirements.
  • Use White hat SEO techniques forget Black hat SEO.
  • Don’t try to tweak with keyword stuffing.
  • Don’t make low quality back links.
  • Try to concentrate with On Page SEO.
  • Get the list of words you need to add relatively for your content.

Hope the above points would help in this year 2014 SEO. Keep your Content Fresh and Unique don’t worry about anything still you can rise with your content. Because all the things changed in the SEO is only for getting Quality content and serving that to People.

So if the website deserves the Quality then it’s promoted automatically by Google and all other search Engines. Just make sure content is good then you can do always better. Hope this would help to getting better in this year SEO.

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