Samsung Releases its Newest Tablet and it is Seriously Awesome

Samsung Releases its Newest Tablet and it is Seriously Awesome

The razor-thin, super sleek Samsung Galaxy Tablet S2 has been released to the market today and is already blowing users away with its lightweight feel, portability and gorgeous screen. The new has a lot going for it, including a Quad-Core processor and tons of memory.

The actual dimensions of the tablets minimal design are 6.6 mm wide, a screen that measures 10.5 inches diagonally and a weight of 465 grams, (about the weight of a small novel). This means it fits easily into any purse or backpack, a relief to anyone who regularly needs to keep a device close at hand.

With a Super AMOLED Display, the screen scrolls, responds to touch and functions seamlessly for anything you need. The colors on the screen look amazing with deeper contrasts than most tablets, making photos and videos more beautiful and vivid. With the adaptive display all of your books and photos will be easy to see even in bright sunlight as the screen adjusts to the environment you are in. It also looks great from the outside with a choice of bright white, gold or titanium bronze, each with a studded back to make the tablet easier to grip and carry when you are on the go.

When you buy this new tablet, you get a free keyboard and 100GB of storage for two with Samsung’s cloud for digital storage, both free of charge. It also comes preloaded with a full Microsoft Office Solutions Suite, so you are ready to get to work as soon as you receive your tablet. There is also a fingerprint scan on the main screen to keep your tablet safe and make sure you always know where it is.

This tablet is a great choice for anyone who wants a more secure, better looking tablet and is ready to grab a better functioning and slicker device than any others on the market.

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