Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications

 Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Note series is perhaps one of the most trending smart phones in the market today. Since it was first launched, the Samsung Note series has continued to take the world by storm by some of its amazing and innovative features. The latest installment, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is by no means an exception. The Galaxy Note 5 is meant to pick up from where the Note 4 left. In addition to some of the already innovative features that already exist in the previous model, the Note 5 will feature additional features such as the USB-C Support which will enhance the phones overall connectivity and interfacing capabilities. Besides the USB-C Support, the Note 5 is indeed poised to be a market leader as far as superior phone spec features are concerned. Precisely, the phone will feature a 4K display unit, 4GB RAM, and a much more superior Exynos processor that will enhance its overall speed and functionality.


Note 5

There are still speculations regarding some of the key features of the Note 5 with one such aspect being the phone’s operating system. Samsung has for a long time been associated with various installments of some of the most popular ad trending android operating system. The Note 5 is most likely to maintain this trend and word on the street is that the phone will feature Google new flagship product, the Android M operating system. The android M is considered one of the most popular operating systems in the worked. The system will enhance the overall user friendliness of the Note 5 making it a phone that can be used by most people.

The market is indeed waiting with bated breath for the Galaxy Note 5 to be launched. Many people would indeed wish to own one of these innovative and game changing devices. It is therefore vital that we mention something regarding the release date. The release date for the Phone is most likely to be end August 2015.

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