Safe Keyword Density for SEO

Keyword Density is also important factor that impact on SEO. What is the Safe Keyword Density? This Question not get any accurate answer because the reason is Google and all other search engines updating their algorithm with very complex mathematical calculation that’s vary upon different sites and key phrases.

Is that any SEO Tips or Tricks to find this safe density. We recommend SEO Checker to Check your Keyword Density and SEO Score. Using this tool you can also improve other tags and On Page Optimization. All on-page factors must be good then only you can get placed in Number one result in Search Engines.

Best and Safe Keyword Density Calculation



Example: Consider the Web page has 100 total words and the Keyword chosen is


Let Assume the word “Google” present 2 times on the html document. So, the Optimal Word Density calculated from below formula,

(Keyword presence / total words) * 100

This is formula for Density, keyword having single word value. So right now the density is (2 / 100) * 100 = 2%

Best andĀ Optimal Keyword Density for single word: 2% to 4%

Now Consider the Keyword is three words that is Key Phrase

Google Keyword Density

So the formula is different and also it’s used as a generic formula for both if it’s a single word or Key Phrase.

(Keyword presence / total words) * 100 * Key Phrase word count

It’s a three word so the Key Phrase word count is 3. Let assume the Key Phrase present 2 time so Keyword Density is (2 / 100) * 100 * 3 = 6%

Due to Keyword Stuffing the Keyword ratio is checked more deeply. The Phrase is having 3 words Consider the 3 Words are Presence and Density ratio as follows,

  1. Google – 4 times – 4%
  2. Keyword – 2 times – 2%
  3. Density – 3 times – 3%

All above split word ratio is in Optimal Density range because already we have seemed about the Good single word density. Key Phrase is Higher Value than the range of 2% to 4% so this is considered as Keyword stuffing only so place the entire Phrase also in Best ratio.

Best and Optimal Density for Key Phrases: Key Phrase and all split words are 2% to 4%

Best Practice of Safe Keyword Selection and Usability

If you want to be best and safe in this On Page Optimization your website must follow the bellow rules

  • Keep the entire words ratio in the page between 2% to 4%.
  • Don’t pick single word Choose Word Phrases it will give you more search engine impressions in different word formations
  • Use synonyms of the words you have chosen
  • Optimize your title, h1, image alt tags with the key phrase

Hope this would give you some Better SEO Idea for you about the Optimal Keyword Density ratio and Usage.

Note: We are not recommended to use this exact ratio mostly this ratio will be used all around best seo people.

Try to find out your competitors and optimize your keyword like that. Keep it in this Safe Keyword Density ratio then you are not consider as a Spammer so follows this and keep your website clean and legitimate for Search Engines.

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