Responsive web design seo best practices

Best Practices of Responsive web Design gives more comfortableness to all screen resolution audience of the site also the Search Engines to read and view the page. SEO point of view Responsive Design is good compare with using different sub domain for Mobiles.

What is Responsive Website Designing?

Using Media Queries in CSS help to view the Website as flexible Grid view in all resolutions like PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phones it’s called as Responsive Design. Simply you can see the same website url in different screens clearly.

Necessaries of Responsive Mobile Sites

If SEO is a core component of your marketing strategy, having a mobile friendly website is becoming essential to reach and promote your market because the reason is Mobile technology improving very faster than assumption. It’s already overtaking the sales of Desktops and Laptops around the World.

Also the Internet Usage through the mobile is growing up to faster it’s also going to overcome the Desktop internet usage soon. So the websites must need to compensate their users with the latest technology for Mobile Compatibility.

SEO Advantages of Responsive Design

Using Responsive Designing has lots of Advantages in SEO point of view that are,



Website Can accessible by Everything

Single Website Url can accessible by all the Devices like Mobile, Tablet, PC, etc. This can reduce the confusion of different Url’s of the same content and it’s reach the all audience with only one share. Also this is the SEO Best practices for trending modern world Website Design.

Managing the site is Easy

One HTML makes every device compactable so maintenance is very easy to compare with sub domain handling for different devices.

No more Duplicate Content

Since in the responsive design only single Url is going to viewable in all devices so don’t need two url for same content that makes No more Duplications in search Engine crawling.

Link Dilution

There is only one web page url so the link speeded over the Social media and the Link building makes site more strong in the Search Engines.

Search Engines Confusion is Over

Not using same content Pages Search Engine confusion is cleared. Only one url is going to deliver the content.

Google Best Practices Recommendation

Google also recommends to use the responsive design is best practices for SEO it’s the industry Best Practice. Above advantages we have the clear idea what is the logical problem that is Google facing to crawl separate mobile websites.

It’s also makes things easier to crawl and index as much as faster without confusion about the duplications.

Mattcutts Explanation about Responsive Design

Simple he is telling if you are the ability to do Canonicalization then go with mobile m site otherwise use responsive each are consider as same in the SEO point of View.

Below is the Video by Mattcutts,

Responsive is also recommended by Google because it allows one website to provide a best user experience across many devices and screen resolutions, and it also makes managing SEO strategy easier. This reasons, responsive web design is the best practices for mobile SEO strategy.

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