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5 Upgrades In Phantom 4 That Will Rock Your Flying Experience

Today there are more than 7000 drones. But nothing has caught the attention of filmmakers and videographers like the phantom 4. Phantom 4 is an improvement of phantom 3.

And it has cool features that will make you have nice experience in the skyline. If you ever dreamed about being a pilot and you never made it. The phantom 4 will take you miles and ranges that you never thought you will get to.


Because of the following awesome features. Let us take a look at them:



1. Active Track Feature System.

Phantom will track and follow the subject (even if you hide in the dungeons) wherever they go. Have you ever dreamed of following a bird, or getting on top of a skyscraper? Phantom 4 can make that happen within minutes.

Phantom 4 tracks and follows subject using 4 flight cameras.

Here is a 7 step process phantom 4 uses to track subjects. Step 1,tell the phantom 4 what you want to track, it can be a hen or dog. Step 2, tap on screen. Step 3, Phantom 4 will save the image to its library to use it later.

Step 5, Phantom then sets the position and trajectory for the subject your want to track. Step 6, it will use the colours, patterns or positions to locate the subject. The last step,it will return the informations to you.

That is how wonderful the new active tracking feature is in phantom 4.

2. It Guarantees Its Safety

You understanding the frustration of driving a 45 miles per hour drone. You become excited of the skyline and like thunderbolt, your gadget crashes.

The new phantom 4 takes care of this problem in two ways. First, it has 4 cameras with built-in 3D features that are capable of mapping out the environment. This enables it to see its environ like humans do.

Second, it has obstacle sensing system. Where it detects obstacles 50 feet aways and makes the decisions the direction to take. It can either stop, take a back turn or go around the obstacles.

With new phantom 4 you will never crash again in remote spaces.

3. Tap Fly Feature- Pilot With One Hand.

With just one touch, phantom 4 could be making a 360 degree turn. This is powerful. I have seen drones, whereby you need two hands two operate. With one touch directions you save yourself lots of hassle in the clouds. Like avoiding obstacles and selecting the next location to navigate.

4. 28 Minutes In The Space and Awesome Speed.

You could be spending half an hour in the clouds catching breathtaking taking photos. With a speed of 45 miles per hour that equals to 72 kilometers per hour. A speed you can travel with a car for 2 hours, phantom takes 28 mins. Which can be great if you are taking long videos.And when you want to travel far and wide.

5. 4 Superior Cameras.

Phantom 4 comes with 8-megapixel cameras which can shoot 120 fts and 1080p. This brings high clear photographs and videos. Its cameras can rotate 360 degrees so that you don’t miss any fun around sharp edges. Also, its cameras are superior in low light and long exposure.

Phantom 4 could be your next gadgets for your skyline experience, documentary or photoshop. Because of the awesome features it crowns . But the features that i love the most, is its ability to detect and avoid obstacles. No drone can beats phantom 4 in this.

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