Mozrank is provided by MOZ (SEOMOZ). This is one of the most important website ranking that depends upon the BackLinks like Google PageRank. The MOZ Score is between the Numbers 0 to 10.

It’s not as like as Pagerank algorithm it’s different vendor so different calculation and algorithms for this rank. But the flow of the rank is same calculation like pagerank.

Why Mozrank plays major role in websites?

Backlink is the important part of any website. This rank completely depends by how much links the page having that much the Moztrust will flow to that particular page and gain high ranks. So, this is the major reason for it’s importance in website ranking.

We already know this rank is between the numbers 0 to 10. How much it’s higher that much the page is good.

How to improve Mozrank?

Here is the list of things that help to improve your Mozrank,

  • Average number of Quality Backlinks – Relative high Moztrust Follow and Nofollow links.
  • Maximum number of relative Backlinks – Relative Low Moztrust Follow and Nofollow links.
  • Page Lifetime – Long living Content gain more Moztrust.


Above steps will surely gain some Moz authority that will improve the Mozrank also.

Websites and Tools to check Mozrank

There is lots of websites and tools to check the Mozrank You can seee those by visiting this link. But, below is the original source to check this rank

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer will help to compare all website backlinks, top pages, and other metrics using the Mozscape web index. That will show the Mozrank.

Moz Toolbar

By installing the Moz toolbars in the browser will give easy access to powerful SEO tools and data while you browse the web. There is also you can see your Mozrank.

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