Keyword Density Formula Calculation for Google SEO

Does Google Calculating Keyword Density as a SEO Factor? The answer for this Question is there is no determined equation followed by Google to Calculate Keyword Density.

Finding Density there is a formula there but, Google may follow the formula but it doesn’t give more weight for the Density in their 200+ Search Factors.

What is Keyword Density Formula and how it’s calculated?

The Equation is Very simple as follows,

The total words on the Example Page are equals to 400.

The Example Key Phrase is “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION” so the Phrase having 3 Words on it. So the Keyword Word Count is equals to 3.

Consider the above phrase is repeated 2 times in the Example Page taken so this count is 2.

Here is the Keyword Density Formula,



( ( Words Presence * Phrase Word Count ) / total words count ) * 100

So in this Example the density is,

2 * 3 / 400 * 100 = 1.5%

This Calculation and the equation is just presented by our Knowledge, may be someone using another formula for it. Any how it’s not necessary right now in the world of SEO. Because the reason is Google’s Matcutts have the Below Word about Keyword and Density

Google Matcutts calculation about Keyword Density

The below Quote is the Matcutts Word about the Safe Keyword Density

The first time you mention a word, you know, ‘Hey, that’s pretty interesting. It’s about that word.’ The next time you mention that word, ‘oh, OK. It’s still about that word.’ And once you start to mention it a whole lot, it really doesn’t help that much more. There are diminishing returns. It’s just an incremental benefit, but it’s really not that large.

Below is the Video by Matcutts about the view of Google in this matter,

Is that Equation Necessary right Now?

The answer is big NO. The reason is Google is not consider about this means why we need to find out this calculations that is always tough to find may be this is the reason Google dropping the Density from their factor.

It’s just a joke the real reason for it’s not necessary is, Keyword stuffing and all kind of Black hat SEO techniques are used to trick the search Engines so that Google doing like this and it’s the mostly used search Engine so it’s needed some difficult Keyword Density calculations upon from normal people thought.

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