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Introducing elementarynow

An introduction to elementarynow. An informative community website supporting elementary OS users

about-us1Welcome to our new community website bestseoideas.com.

Our primary objective is to be a reputable source of information while providing a service to the elementary user community. This is your site as much as it is ours therefore we value all feedback whether your just starting your elementary adventure or an established user.

We have tutorials for everyone and more in the pipeline e.g. Gaming on elementary being the latest.

For prospective users…

We introduce you to elementary along with some key features and out of the box applications. We also point you to official sites for more information

For beginners

We show you step by step, how to download and install elementary, those important things to do after installation and introduce you to popular desktop customization resources and 3rd party software.

For established users

We strive to be a “one stop shop” complimenting official information by sharing to other communities for broader visibility.

Our forum

Yes, you can ask questions here and have them answered but its not only about that. If you have a “how to” or a tip that might benefit other community members add it to the elementary forum.

Our forum philosophy is to help others help themselves and to grow a knowledgeable community..

We are at the beginning of our journey at elementarynow and you can influence what direction we take it.

We look forward to your thoughts and feedback.


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  • Just recently started with elementary, coming from windows. Nice to see a new website with great info. Did some customization of my desktop already, was really easy thanks to the info provided here. Keep up the good work !

  • Congratulations Stephen, you have done such wonderful job with Reboot2elementary and now your new adventure with elementaryNOW! Thank you…Thank You…Thank You.

    This is my Current Desktop set up….
    OS: elementary OS “Luna”
    Icon Theme: Simple
    Dock: Plank “Transparent”
    GTK Theme: elementary

    Cheers from San Diego, California (USA)


  • Hi there! I’m really happy that there’s gonna be this cool new website for Elementary. I was using Elementary Luna last year for some time, but sometimes it has been crashing so I’m on Ubuntu for now. I’m waiting for Elementary Isis, and I’m so excited about it, hope it’ll work for me, cause I really love this OS :))))

    Thanks for all your work guys!

    • @Ksenia
      Welcome to elementaryNow, would you like to share the technical dificulties that you experienced while running elementaryOS “Luna”, remember that this is the place to do so…We would love to help.



      • @lrcaballero, I don’t remember all the things that were wrong, I can tell only that the screen freezed (however, I recalled now that it was happening on my other laptop which I don’t use anymore), and I had to turn off the laptop with pressing the power button; also on my new laptop there are problems with wi-fi adapter (Atheros AR9462) – I could see the list of available networks but I couldn’t connect, and orange indicator light on my laptop was turned off even though the “Enable Wi-Fi” option was checked. I’m kind of still a newbie in this whole Linux thing =) so I don’t know how to install the driver for wi-fi so that it’d work.

      • As far as I know Elementary Isis will be based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, and my wi-fi works there out of box – so I hope in E Isis it’ll work out of box also.:)

        Anyway thx that you asked abt my problems, it’s always good to know that there is someone who at least is interested in helping others.))

  • Excellent initiative thank you!
    EOS is almost my last hope for Linux and this support forum will be of great help.
    Just wish the webpage was a tiny bit faster at loading.

  • EOS really changed the way I think about OS’es. I was previously on windows and have recently started EOS, and I can’t believe that I’ve learned so much so quickly with EOS, most of it from reboot2elementary.
    elementarynow is a great site for all sorts of people running linux.
    Thanks @Stephen Myall!

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