Ideas on Linux desktop environments and the way they have compatibility with distros

The Linux Mint submit that outlines their plans for retiring their KDE model:

Desktop environments in accordance were given Wikipedia, “A desktop surroundings usually is composed of icons, home windows, toolbars, folders, wallpapers and desktop widgets (see Parts of graphical person interfaces and WIMP). A GUI may also supply drag and drop capability and different options that make the desktop metaphor extra entire. A desktop surroundings goals to be an intuitive method for the person to engage with the pc the use of ideas that are very similar to the ones used when interacting with the bodily international, similar to buttons and home windows.

“Whilst the time period desktop surroundings at the start described a mode of person interfaces following the desktop metaphor, it has additionally come to explain the systems that notice the metaphor itself. This utilization has been popularized by means of initiatives such because the Commonplace Desktop Setting, Ok Desktop Setting, and GNOME.”

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