How to Use Kodi on PC or Mac

  • Install Kodi From the Microsoft Store

The best way to install Kodi on Windows is through the Microsoft Store. You can install Kodi just by making a quick search on Microsoft Store and installing it then and there. No need to download an offline installer and manually installing it. The best part is that you can update Kodi through the Microsoft Store seamlessly without losing your favorite add-ons and repository.

  • Install Kodi Using an Offline Installer on Windows PC

In case, your device is running Windows 7 or lower, you can download the offline installer from the Kodi’s official website. Just choose the architecture of your device and you can install it just like any other application.

  • Install Kodi Using an Offline Installer on macOS

You can install Kodi on your Mac by downloading the DMG file from the Kodi’s official website. Just follow the link and click on “Installer(64bit)” to download it.

User Interface

Kodi’s interface might not seem very easy or modern but it certainly is very functional. The home page of Kodi features sections for Pictures, Videos, Music, Programs and System. You can simply hover over each of these sections with your computer’s mouse for more options like files, add-ons, system info, settings and more. Note that the appearance changes depending on Kodi skin you are using. That’s why we are only going to talk about the default skin that Kodi comes with.

As you can see in the picture above, you will find the power menu, settings, and search field right at the top of the side menu. Even if you scroll down the side-menu, that top bar remains visible, allowing you to easily access them. Scroll down the side-menu and in the bottom left you will find the favorites and weather button.


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