How to get on the First page of Google Search

Coming on the First page in Google Search is the Efficient way to increase the traffic of your website, so how to get on the First page of Google.

All the Webmasters want to do this on website and webmasters also know the reason to top of the first page in Google Search is SEO Optimization. What is Search Engine Optimization, the simple answer is tricking the Search Engine to redirect the user to your Website.

The Keys to get on the first page of Google



1.     Keyword Research

Before start up Writing the Article you must need to do is made a Keyword research. It’s the First and best chance to take your website on Top of any Search Engine Results. Because, We need to write about the topic that will be searched by someone then only it’s useful to people. So, target what people looking for.

Using this Google Keyword Planner (Keyword tool) Link you can freely analyze the Keyword mostly used in Google Search engine. How to Find the Best Keyword is the tough task for all. But, it makes the difference and traffic compare with your Competitors.

Choosing only one keyword that must be a Long tail Keyword is the good idea to come up First on the Google Search in more search compinations.

2.     Tweak your Content to Targeted Keyword Combinations

To Engaging Audience with different Queries your result on the First Page on a single Article then tweak the Content with more relevant Search Queries.

Find the Query Combinations that are used in search engine mostly by the Users by using the Same Google Keyword Tool.

Example Making Coffee is your Keyword then writes the content with the combination of keywords making the Coffee, Making a Coffee, and Coffee Making. This will make the Search Engine to View your article on first page in all this Different Query Combinations.

On writing the content, Use this SEO tips and tricks that help to write content more optimizely.

3.     Build a Quality Back link to your Content

Always Difficult to find a unique topic in the Competitive internet world. So, you need to be in front page get more related Back links from other website that has same niche of your website. That will make your page always in front page of all Search Engines.

Extra Efforts to get on the First Page of Google Search

Always in Front row only considered as Best, Like that getting the First Page in Google Search make your website more and more traffic.

How much time spent and effort we do will take us to top in all things

Like the above quote we need to spend more time then get on the first page of Google Search is strong as possible. So, take more time to analyze and write the article.

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