How Mobile Apps, AI, and IoT are turning Our Living Spaces Smarter and Safer?

Smart homes are already here. Many urban people already do a lot of things by just talking to their handheld or intelligent gadgets. From turning lights off and on to tell your Google Assistant to book an Uber, you and many of us already live in a smart world. This whole lot of smart home gadgets couldn’t be possible without the holy nexus of mobile apps, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

While apps built by mobile app development companies are ubiquitous and have penetrated across all spheres of our life, AI is making interactions smarter by incorporating human reasoning and efficiency into machine and IoT with the help of these two are making life easier and merrier with a connected reality. So, this holy trinity of technologies seems to take control of our lives in more ways than one.

Let us explain some of the critical ways the combination of these technologies, making our home smarter and safer.

The Evolution of Homes from Wired to Wireless

Thanks to the connected ecosystem, our homes are increasingly switching from the wires to the wireless connectivity. The emergence of an array of powerful and advanced sensors and internet-ready home gadgets has played a significant role in making this wireless connectivity a reality inside our homes.

Since our old homes built with thick stone walls or with other connectivity issues create problems for the sensors to receive signals, new connectivity technologies like mesh connected radio signals have emerged to ensure easy transmission and reception of signals. Mesh controllers like ZigBee or Z-Wave have become hugely popular because of the unparalleled ability to connect, but these technologies are also helping the connected ecosystem draw less power.

Article Source: Revolution of Home Automation: Mobile Apps.

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