How Google Knowledge Graph makes Search Informative & Easy 23


How Google Knowledge Graph makes Search Informative & Easy

Every one Search for the Knowledge what they haven’t or want to improve. Google understand this so they provide Knowledge Graph to it’s users.

Busy People don’t have time to sit and search patiently for the information they needed. Google is the advanced and popular Search Engine so they need to do something differently to keep their users satisfied.

What does mean?

Google enhance the search engine results with the semantic search information gathered from a wide variety of sources this knowledge base is called as Google Knowledge Graph.

What is Semantic search? it’s an improve search accuracy by understanding the searcher needs (intent) and the contextual meaning of terms to generate more relevant results.

This Semantic search not only consider by some points it consider verity of areas like including context of search, location, intent, variation of words, synonyms, generalized and specialized queries, concept matching and natural language queries to provide more relevant search results for the user.

Google use this all above and more information’s to making the Knowledge Base for it’s Graphical information.

History of Google Knowledge Graph



First Graph was added to Google’s search engine in May 16, 2012 in the United States. On December 4, 2012, the same feature was introduced in seven more languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. This Knowledge Graph is the source of above information.

Introduction Video about Knowledge Graph

What is the Main Goal?

Make Google search Users get their information on the first page of Google without navigate to other websites is the Main Goal of this Graph

A Good Knowledge Search Engine needs sense as human being otherwise a crash happen to user intent but Google succeeded very Well on the Part.

The above picture is the Info Graphical result by Google for the Search term “jaguar”.

In world two popular things are there with this name one is “jaguar animal” another one is “jaguar cars”. Google showing Car information this is the reason they are succeeded.

More user search intent is about jaguar cars only compare to jaguar animal. So the Google User searched for jaguar happier to see their intent in the search result right sidebar and get the all information in the first Page.

Google Success with Knowledge Graph

After implementing this graph Google got more Page views, improved and Advanced Search experience. People get more informative things because they are providing relevant searches so the connection between the searches makes more sense and gives more knowledge to the Searcher intent.

Hope you are enjoying with the Advanced Google Knowledge Graph Engine soon we expect more from them.

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