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Google XML sitemaps 12


Google XML sitemaps

Google XML sitemaps wordpress plugin generate a clear XML sitemap that will help search engines to index your blog/website in the better and easy format. For indexing our web pages faster and easier, we must need to provide a guidance to search engines with the sitemap file.

All webmaster must know about Google Webmaster tool this is the one of the Best and free Google SEO tools we know. Webmaster tool ask to submit the xml sitemap for indexing the website better and faster.

Why Google XML Sitemap?

Each and every book needs an index page to navigate through the book fast and easier way. Like this book index page website also need the index page that is called as sitemap.

WordPress doesn’t have the predefined plugin or option to enable the sitemap for the WordPress blog. So, we must need to find some solution to fix this issue.


Google sitemap plugin is providing nice and clear index of all your web pages of the blog including tags, category (taxonomy), pages and posts. This index will help to the search engines crawler to access all the web pages of our site complete structure and retrieve it more efficiently.

Also it’s generate priority wise url mark-ups that will provides clear information about last change time and priority of the url to crawlers

Benefits of this plugin

  • Providing good and error free xml mark-up sitemap file.
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Provides last change time of posts and pages that helps the crawler to know more about the url.
  • Provides priority wise links that helps crawler to handle the url’s in a better way.
  • Providing predefined style for the xml mark-up that makes nice view to human visitors also.

This all above reasons and its helps to search engines to know about you website in a detailed manner this make this Google XML sitemap plugin get the place in this best seo plugin list.

Plugin Information

Latest Version: 4.0.8

Plugin Supports: WordPress version 3.3 or higher.

Plugin Link:

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