Google Seo Tools Help To Optimize Your Website


1- Google Search

First SEO tool that is not others it’s Google Search Engine the reason more then other tools it shows lot of things like Competitors of our targeted Keyword. We can Find out What are the things that can make our Web Page Getting higher like LSI Keywords. And recent update named Google Knowledge Graph that makes more sense to search we can find out the related search and etc…

Link : Google Search


2- Google Webmater Tools

Google Webmater Tools helps to know about our content to Search Engine. It’s the SEO tool that helps our website index better. Also it provides information about like analytics how much search impressions our website served to google search.




Keywords, Back links, Tips to improve onpage SEO by finding out the Duplicate Tags in our Website.

Link : Google Webmaster Tools


3- Google Keyword planner (Keyword Tool)

Google Keyword planner previously named as Google Keyword tool that helps to find out the Search Volume of the particular Keyword in the Past years. We can able to find out how much Peoples interested in the Keywords Search.



Also it provides details about the Advertiser Competition and biding Value for the Keyword and provides more Suggession Keywords. That will helps to target the most searched keywords and get more traffic from searches. It’s integrated to Adwords Now.

Link : Google Keyword Planner


4- Google Page Speed test

Google Page Speed test is a very good and high quality SEO tool powered by Google for the Web Developers. Users Want more faster Websites. So Google Page Speed test makes the Website more faster then all. It’s gives us tips to improve the Speed of the Web Page.



More important thing is providing tips for both mobile and Desktops. It’s makes website Super faster than ever.

Link : Google Page Speed test


5- Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the SEO Tool tool to Monitoring your traffic in depth view. It has lots of functionalities inside to discover. It provides more complex info graphical Analitics Data free of cost just by adding their code to ur Website Each and Every Page.



Monitoring is the crucial part to get succes in SERP. Using this we can monitor each and everything about our website visitors.

Link : Google Analytics


6- Google Plus (Google +) one

Google Plus is the Social Sharing Network provided by Google. People can rate the Good content by Plus One it. Social Sharing is plays the impotant role in SEO because Which content is most liked from the web will known by this.



So Google + is very important factor because it’s also the part of the Search Algorithm factors.

Link : Google pluse


7- Google Trends

Google Trends gives you the Answers for What did the world search for most in the past? Using ths Question We can able to find out what are the Search Keywords has high trend now.



Google Trends also allows the user to compare the volume of searches between two or more terms. An additional feature of Google Trends is in its ability to show news related to the search-term overlaid on the chart, showing how new events affect search popularity. Also Now Google Trends prdicts the Future Searches of the particular keywords.

Link : Google Trends


8- Google Alerts

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your queries.



Enter a search query you wish to monitor. You will see a preview of the type of results you’ll receive. Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Link :  Google Alerts

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