Google Pagerank

Google Pagerank is provided by Google. When Google starts it’s search engine in 1999 this is the main difference from other search engines. Pagerank is the most important website ranking that depends upon the Page Backlinks count.

Till now Google using the Pagerank as the most important metrics in thier 200 plus ranking factors. So, this rank is more important because google considering this is known 100 percentage.

Why Pagerank is major ranking factor?

Pagerank is high priority factor in google algorithm so that’s matters most in website ranking. We know Backlinks are the most important factor of the website to get on the first page of Google search.

So this rank is calculated fully based on the Backlinks so it’s plays major role in site ranking.

How to increase Page rank?

Below list will help to increase your page rank,

  • Increase Quality of Backlinks – Get more High Quality Backlinks.
  • Increase Quantity of Backlinks – Get High Nunber of relative Backlinks.
  • Avoid Low Quality Backlinks – Don’t build spammy Backlinks.


These steps will improve the Pagerank.

Websites and Tools to check this rank

There is lots of websites and tools to check the Pagerank you can see those by visiting this link. But, below is the original source to check Pagerank.

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