Google AdSense How it Works

 Google AdSense How it Works

Google AdSense is a service provided by google to allow website owners/publishers to make money from their sites by renting out some space for advertisements. Those advertisements belong to other individuals and companies who bid for space in the in the website, the highest bidder gets the ad space.

The amount of money to be paid will be dependent on the traffic into the site since that is the only way the advertisers achieve their marketing objective. This is measured by the number of ad-clicks on the ads called “cost per-click” or by the number of site visitors called “cost per-impression” service.


The ads could be in the form of text, videos, images and other forms of interactive content. Google acts as the connection between the advertisers and the publishers, providing an enabling business environment for both of them. The kind of adverts shown in a particular site is more likely to be related in one way or another rot the content of the site. The format design, sorting and all management of the ads are done by google.

The process of getting Google AdSense on your site (for a publisher) includes the following steps:

  • Create space in your site for adds- google provides some form of add code which if you paste on your site will enable you create and choose space for the adds.

  • Google shows the spaces as being up for grabs to potential advertisers. The advertisers state the bid amounts. The one with the highest bid gets the ad space on your site.

  • Money is paid to the publisher- the process of billing is handled by google , if you have several advertisements on your site, all of them are done to ensure you receive all your payments 

    Google AdSense has a number of advantages for its users; Custom controls where the publisher has the ability to make the choice for the location for ads, choose ads relevant to the content and their format. The client also has full access to googles support for any recommendations or help .

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