EPOM Market Review (Best & High cpm ad network)

Every one want make money with ads looking for Best CPM ad Network. This EPOM Market review is help to find that high CPM Ad Network that pays around $0.5 – $3.7. EPOM mentioned this rates in their Website, is that true? We will see about that later.

What is EPOM Market?

First of all what is EPOM Market? Because most of them didn’t know about this Ad Network because it’s very new around the ad Network. It founded in 2010 only and it’s little popular is 2012 only.

Below are the details about payout, cpm, payout options, waiting time by our review and original

By Our Review – CPM Rates: $0.5 – $2.5

Original by them – CPM Rates: $0.5 – $3.7

By Our Review – Waiting time: 30 to 35days

Original by them – Waiting time: NET 45 (45days)

Minimum Payout – $100

Payment methods – Paypal, wire transfers

LINK for website – EPOM Market

Earlier Stages of EPOM



But in start up it’s getting negative reviews and comments in forums by publishers. Because of they are not updating the earning reports correctly, very low cpm, irregular report updates (more than two days or weeks).

How they are improved Now

Everything is working fine with EPOM Now. They are updating the Reports every day. High CPM around $0.5 to $2.5. Some time reports are not updating may be low cpm. But you can contact the support team by email one of the managers will reply within 24 hours.

Best CPM ad Network CPM around $0.5 – $3.7

But now we tested by ourselves it’s working good and great. The above CPM rate is true and our friend got the first Payment $206 in two months with 345,218 impressions.

This is around CPM Only $0.6 but after the two months they can able to optimize the ads now the CPM rate is increased around $1.8.

You can also see the proof of the report about the CPM by visiting the Best Google Adsense Alternatives with high CPM.

Example CPM Calculation for this Network

We tested by our self and by friend site. Depending upon the Average CPM is at least $1 minimum now.

So if you receive 3000 Page Views per day with 1000 visitors you can earn good very good money. Per Page 3 ads means 9000 impression per day.

So you can earn 9$ in one day, so 270$ / month.

All the best for earn more with High and Best CPM Ad Network EPOM Market.

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