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Settings plug for notifications available soon

new notifications plugOn Tuesday Daniel Foré announced that we’ll see a new Switchboard settings plug with preferences and properties for notifications soon. His statement says the new plug was already planned two years ago and he needed to wait for someone, “Proggie 743”, to build it. As seen in the picture added to the post, it will be possible to hide and/or mute the notifications of each application. There’ll also be a “Do not disturb” option, which will most likely turn off all notifications temporarily for example while you do critical work.

These additions are very great to complete the new and reinvented notifications system in Freya, which also shows system task notification from the Terminal for example. We’ll still have to wait till it’s packaged and delivered with our software updater, but it’s likely that we’ll see it already with the second beta release of Freya at the and of this month.

Tip of the week – Set application defaultsdefault apps

Sometimes it is necessary or just better to use special applications instead of Pantheons own software for special types of files. It’s very simple to do this. You just need to go in the System Settings to the Applications page. There you’ll see the entries for file types and their corresponding apps, which you can manage.

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  1. Love the Notifications for terminal actions like “apt update is complete”. “Filezilla has finished uploading”, etc…

    I wish the Google Chrome Indicator for Hangouts worked like in Luna in the indicator area 🙁

    Also, I wish the Set Application Defaults included a dropdown for terminal.

    Pantheon Terminal is nice but when I couldn’t set the preferences I quickly left to Gnome Terminal. Lately more and more I use Guake since I can call it so easily with F12.

    Good Article, Short & Sweet, a good Mind Bite to read.

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