Yr of the Related Desktop | LINUX Unplugged 275

Christian F.Ok. Schaller from Pink Hat joins us to speak about seamless Linux upgrades, changing PulseAudio, one of the most fresh desktop Initiatives Pink Hat’s been running on… And the worth they get from them.

Plus a large batch of vital neighborhood information, Wimpy’s Thunderbolt Dock experiments, and technique to run pacman on any Linux distribution.

00:00:00 Pre-show
00:02:24 Intro
00:03:37 Chris’ Trip Updates
00:11:46 Open Supply Emulation
00:15:20 Canonical’s Company Plans
00:17:29 Open Invention Community Extensions
00:21:08 Bitwarden Passes Safety Audit
00:23:09 LVFS Updates
00:24:45 SuperTuxKart On-line
00:28:52 Interview with Christian Schaller
00:52:20 The One True Thunderbolt Dock
01:04:49 Automation Device Naming Contest
01:05:08 Arch Any place with Junest
01:07:58 Publish-show

Display Notes & Obtain: https://linuxunplugged.com/275

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