Help us help others at elementarynow

There is plenty of room for improvement in terms of design and I am sure there is content and “how to’s” tips and and tricks etc we havent thought of that you guys might know. Maybe there are elements of the site design you don’t like that can be improved.

This is very much community project with a philosophy of “helping users help themselves”.

There are no limits as to how you can contribute. This can be as simple as sharing existing articles, answering one or two questions in our forums or sharing a “how to” on the forum that has helped you that others might want to know about..

Maybe you are blogger and want to share a “how to” or you have a strong opinion on a topically subject. Its an open platform for sharing knowledge.

If you have the capacity or the desire to contribute to this site please tell us how by completing the linked form. In the mean time we look forward to your feedback and suggestions here.

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