Buy Backlinks is that good for SEO

Buy Quality Backlinks for a cheap rate or affordable price this is the word we can saw often around the SEO blogs and marketing websites. So Buying Backlinks is that safe and good for SEO Best Practices? The answer for this Question is “Big NO“.

Now a days guest posting blogs are not ready to put more links of the other websites because Google tighter their security about this Unnatural link building techniques buying, selling links.

Google eye about Buying Backlink

Due to more Cheap Link Sale websites Google reduced the weight of the Backlink from their search engine ranking factor. Google clearly states that buying backlinks to improve your rankings breaches their guidelines.

Also they are added a list of websites that are selling links that links are considered as spam and get penalized by the Google Panda and Penguin Updates.

Who are penalized for buying and selling Backlinks by Google?



Google have some quality guidelines that need to follow by every webmaster to maintain the quality of the Web and better user experience in the search. Here is the link you can read about the guidelines that explain about Link Schemes.

Buying and Selling Backlinks will penalize both of them. The website selling links get penalized by Google also the Website getting the link from it.

Once your website got penalised you will loss every keywords ranking in the search engine and that can’t able to recover until 6 months or even it’s takes more time to recover your previous search traffic.

If you penalised for buying links then you got the permanent black mark from google eye. So think before you click the advertisement that selling Cheap Backlinks.

Matcutts words about Purchased Link and Advertisement

Matcutts Explanation Advertisement,

Advertisements are not manipulating search engine. It’s used for only delivering the traffic for your website with following Google guidelines like adding nofollow attributes that is not passing the Pagerank of the webpage.

And about Paid Links,

Paying Links are manipulating the search engines by not following the quality guidelines it’s giving not relevant and wreckful information that manipulating search engines. And that makes worst user experience for the internet searchers.

Here is the Video you can know about the difference,

How Google caught your links are paid link or spammy

This are the following ways you may caught as a buyer of the spammy links

  • Paid Links always builder so faster manner this faster manner links are considered as paid link.
  • From not relevant spammy sites and pages that not related to your targeted content
  • Links from google known buying websites.

So if you have the plan to buy backlinks then just check the above checklist before you go ahead.

Lots of quality ways to get on the first page of google rather than this black hat seo technique so follow them to get more search traffic. Buying links is not the safest way to get Quality links so be careful before buy backlinks.

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