Best introduction about directory submission

Best introduction about directory submission
Best introduction about directory submission

Best introduction about directory submission:

Article directory submission is similar to directory submission but in this case you can only submit articles instead of links. In normal directories, you will have to create an account and then you will have to submit your site’s home page in their proper category. After your site is approved, you will get a backlink in that directory. Also search engines recognizes your site if you are placed in that directory.

When you go for article directory submission, you can add your articles straight away. Article directories accept articles that contain 250-300 words. Some articles may even exceed 500 words. Give a title, include keywords and you can add a small précis of the entire original article. Include backlinks to your main home page/site.

Working :

You will have to wait for an approval once you submit it a directory. Here are some of the criteria which an editor of article directory checks:

  1. The quality of the article (grammatical mistakes, relevancy, typos etc.).
  2. The category in which the article is placed.

iii. Proper length of the article.

  1. Uniquenes of the article. Checks whether you have copied it or not.


Where to Submit ?

There are two ways with which you can utilize article directories.

The first one is a time consuming method where you will have to join the best article directories. Write your articles and post it under appropriate category. Try to write articles under each one of the category. The more you write the more visitors you get. IMHO, try and submit 5 articles in each of the 8 directories.

The most popular article directories are as follows:

  1.     Zordis (Recommended)
    ii. Articles Base
    iii. Go Articles
    iv. Article Alley 
  2. You need to go browsing to the system the use of your physics person call with the case exactly correct. “itsupport” can provide you with the username to connect as, or use the form right here.when you go browsing to the interactive machines with a password or Kerberos token, your primary domestic directories may be to be had. See right here for extra details.The second method is to submit the same article in many article directories at the same time. Try and pick the unpopular categories to submit. There are certain article directories which check the uniqueness of article content. So make sure to submit in them at first.

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