Best Google Adsense alternatives 2015 (WITH HIGH CPM)

No Google Adsense alternative with high paying around the internet then why we need the Google Adsense alternatives? Getting approved by adsense is so tough because of lots of publishers want the maximum revenues.

Google is sharing 70% of money from the advertisers to publishers there is really no alternative can make this much but still have some Best CPM Ad Networks that pays high CPM

Google Adsense Alternative in 2015

You can able to find more Adsense alternative in lots of blogs and websites but here we are going to provide the very best only because we don’t won’t to confuse with more choice. We tested personally by ourselves. Attached image is having the earnings report of the Epom Market.

Why EPOM Market is the Best alternative?



EPOM Market is a growing Ad Network founded in 2010. It’s pays better than other Ad Networks competitors with¬†Google with $0.5 – $3.7 CPM. This is the best CPM compare with any other Ad Networks. Everything needs proof when it’s comes as making money.

Attached image is the proof of two different publishers of the EPOM Network. One account is this website proof and another one is our friend website report.

Right now we are receiving average 200 to 300 visitors and 3 ad slots so we delivering 600 to 900 impressions only but we are making near to $1 every day. In last day earning we delivered 855 impressions and receive $0.89 with $1.04 CPM in attached image bottom right report you can able to see.

And Next one is the friends site that delivering more than 4000 impressions per day most of them are from Indian traffic that gains more cpm and they got the first payment $206 in 2months. In last day earning they delivered 5068 impressions and receive $9.31 with $1.84 CPM.

So even small and medium publishers can earn mentioned CPM rate. If you have 4000 impression also you get least CPM like us $1 means you can reach the payout in month just signup to Epom Market and gain more revenue from your website.

EPOM Market Details

Payout Minimum: $100

Method: Paypal, Wire transfer

Waiting time: NET 45 (you can receive before also)

Link: EPOM Market

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More Alternatives for complement

May be you can’t happy with the only one alternative but this is the best one and genuine. Here is the more list of Advertisers that is not tested.

  • – Powered by Yahoo
  • Infolinks

But we prefer EPOM Market as the Best Google Adsense alternative of the year (2015) by our review.

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