Alexa Ranking

Alexa is provided by Amazon. This was founded as an independent company in 1996, it was acquired by Amazon in 1999. This is one of the most important website ranking that depends upon such as User traffic, Page views, time on site, bounce rate, etc…

This is calculated for the website by, how website most popular around the internet. It’s not as like as Pagerank algorithm it’s different vendor so completely different calculation and algorithms for this rank.

Alexa rank major role in websites

We know Google Analytics is the best way to measure the traffic of the site. Alexa rank is the major measurement of traffic of the websites for advertisers. Other than website owner no one knows the analytics data. For this reason, this is the best rank checker of the websites other than Google analytics.

How Alexa Traffic Rank Calculated?

This is calculated by their toolbar installed users and from other private sources so that’s not too accurate. But, if Alexa Metrics is Certified Metrics means then the Traffic Rank is provided by script installed metrics that’s very accurate like Google Analytics Data.

Read from this article to know more

How to improve Alexa ranking?

Follow the list of point to boost your Alexa rank,

  • Increase your Visitors – Do SEO and promote site for more audience.
  • Install Alexa toolbar yourself – Download and install toolbar and visit yourself.
  • Deliver Quality of traffic – Alexa toolbar installed traffic.


These steps will improve the Alexa rank.

Websites and Tools to check this rank

There is lots of websites and tools to check the Alexa rank you can see those by visiting this link. But, below is the original source to check this will help to compare all website rank, visitor’s country, and other metrics using the web index.


By installing this toolbar in the browser will give easy access to Alexa rank while you browse the web.
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