Advantages Disadvantages of Sharepoint Development Company

So you are a business owner and looking for a system that helps your employees in collaborating, Communicating and increasing their productivity significantly. But you have a concern about which tool you should select for your business because there are lots of tools available in the market and some of them have a number of benefits and some of the lots of drawbacks. Don’t worry we are here to help in selecting the best intranet document management system which fits all requirements.

Microsoft Sharepoint One of the Best Document Management System which is known for its features and functionality. Microsoft Sharepoint holds a majority of the market share when it comes to document management. Here in this article, we will break down all the advantages and disadvantages of using Microsoft Sharepoint as your document management system. With the increased demand for document management systems there are a large number of SharePoint development company that provide SharePoint development services.



  • Integration with Microsoft


Microsoft has provided lots of tools that help business owners and the corporate world like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel. This call can sync with Microsoft Sharepoint and saves lots of time for you.


  • Highly Customizable


Microsoft Sharepoint is one single document management system that comes with lots of feature and functionality and allows users to customize some features as they want so it provides full access to customize your work panel.


  • Central Storage


All the files and documents you save into the Microsoft SharePoint can be accessed by any of your employees who have access to your SharePoint panel. All the data is saved centrally and that is why it’s so much popular into the market. 




  • Maintenance & Setup 


One of the disadvantages of Microsoft Sharepoint is that it’s very costly in terms of maintenance and another thing is it’s very complicated when you need some feature as per your business. To set up a new feature for your business you need to get it done through with the help of a developer. 


  • Expensive to License


The license structure of Microsoft SharePoint is also expensive and hosting plans that SharePoint offer is also expensive. 


  • Employee Training


If you have decided to install SharePoint in your organization then you need to get trained your employee for SharePoint to get most out of your SharePoint subscription. There lots of organizations that provide SharePoint training.

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